Baja California Sur in Top 5 Places in Mexico – April 20, 2011

We have long been telling potential visitors that Todos Santos is the same sleepy town it has always been and that there is no drug violence or cartel activity anywhere near here. This April 20, 2011 piece in in the San Francisco Chronicle confirms that fact and will hopefully put the traveling public’s mind to rest about coming to our wonderful town. Baja California Sur in Top 5 Places in Mexico – April 20, 2011

People read the word “Baja” and panic, but the fact is that the problem areas of Baja are a full 950 miles from Todos Santos – a different world. Most people would not hesitate to board a plane for Los Angeles, San Francisco or Washington, D.C. Yet the fact of the matter is that being in those cities puts you within just a very few miles (if not directly in the center) of the terrible drug violence / drug lords that plague those areas – South Central, Oakland, downtown DC. In Todos Santos we are significantly further from any problem areas (like the distance between Boston and Chicago further!) than residents or visitors of those cities. 

So come on down and enjoy the beaches, mountains, surf breaks, art galleries, restaurants and ambiance of Todos Santos – it’s a very safe and truly wonderful holiday.