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TOSEA featured in Lonely Planet for leadership on eliminating single-use plastics

A detailed account of how communities are banding together to remove plastic from Todos Santos and Pescadero

Todos Santos Eco Adventures is a finalist in Newsweek’s “Future of Travel Awards 2021”

"Todos Santos Eco-Adventures —Actively working to offset 100 percent of its carbon emissions by 2022 and is the first and only Mexican tour operator to be a member of the Global Sustainable Tourism Council"

Camp Cecil de la Isla named in TIME’s “World’s Greatest Places 2021”

"Epic marine-life encounters are the main draw to La Paz and its surrounds—these are the waters Jacques Cousteau referred to as “the world’s aquarium”—and there are plenty of boat excursions to choose from."

Camp Cecil No. 1 in National Geographic’s Luxury Camping Report

"Sit down to an oceanfront gourmet lunch... then grab a siesta or get in gear to kayak, SUP, snorkel, or hike around your own private paradise"

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Seafood, Sustainability, and Sunsets: the Basics of Baja California Sur, Mexico

"As I sipped my coffee while watching the sunrise, painted with deep hues of pink and orange, I saw something out of the corner of my eye. I glanced over just in time to catch a majestic gray whale breaching in the subdued morning waves of the Pacific Ocean, leaving nothing but white foam in its wake. At that moment, as the birds chirped and neighborhood dogs played below, I felt more at peace than ever before."

Dipping Into Nature: Mexico’s Baja California Sur with Austin Travels

"The boat pulls ashore in a cove, and we hoist our duffel bags onto the beach, where a crew has already set up tents. A bucket of water and a rug the size of a picnic table are arranged in front of each one, so we can rinse our feet before stepping inside. This is glamping, after all, and instead of a sleeping bag on the ground, we’ll be snoozing on real mattresses with sheets and pillows."

Beyond Cabo: Camp Cecil Featured in Westway’s Baja Adventure Round Up

SWIM WITH SEA LIONS! Jacques Cousteau dubbed the Sea of Cortez “the world’s aquarium,” and a great place to experience this marine wonderland is near La Paz, about 100 miles north of Cabo. From there, you can travel by boat to the UNESCO-protected islands of Los Islotes, where, from September to May, you can snorkel or scuba dive with friendly sea lions. Just remember: They’re wild animals and you’re a guest, so don’t touch them. Consider: Spending a few days at Todos Santos Eco Adventure’s solar-powered luxury Camp Cecil de la Isla, open November through June, on Espíritu Santo, an island north of La Paz with no permanent habitation or hotels. Double-occupancy rates start at $375 per person.

Sea-to-Sierra Trips in Baja California Sur: A Guide to Surfing and Canyon Trekking Cortez

"...TOSEA pairs folks who want the full experience together with tour guides who handle transport, customize itineraries, and organize a variety of adventures. If you don’t want to rent a car — or don’t want to handle any of the heavy lifting — this option is unbeatable. But what truly made our trip to Todos Santos out of this world was our stay at Los Colibris Casitas."

The 15 Best Places to Visit in Mexico

Be sure to book a few days at Camp Cecil by Todos Santos EcoAdventures, a tented camp on Espíritu Santo island that offers adventures like boat tours to swim with sea lions, kayaking excursions to see colonies of blue-footed boobies, and the chance to snorkel with whale sharks, which are usually most prominent from January to April.

10 Beautiful Beach Destinations That Offer a Side of Culture

"By day, take surfing lessons through Mario Surf School or spot whales through Todos Santos Eco Adventures. After a morning enjoying the beach, spend the afternoon scoping out art galleries, designer boutiques, and the original mission across from the main square."

Playboy features TOSEA in “Baja California Sur: Travel the Eco-Conscious Way

"Inspired by the region’s beauty, locals and expats are taking action to limit the human footprint on Baja California Sur. And luxury campsite Camp Cecil is one of just a handful of accommodations hosting visitors on the protected Isla Espiritu Santo"

Seattle Times features TOSEA as a way to explore “Another Side of Baja”

"It feels as if I’ve landed in the heart of the Galápagos: On a swim, I spot sea lions and whale sharks, while a kayaking excursion takes me near rocky islets where frigate birds and blue-footed boobies congregate in the thousands."


Todos Santos Eco Adventures – passion for natural beauty in Baja California Sur

" Mr Hudson speaks to the owners, Bryan and Sergio Jáuregui, about the philosophy behind their business, their commitment to the health and well-being of the local environment, and the natural beauty of Baja California Sur."

Glamping getaway: A luxe adventure at Mexico’s Camp Cecil with TOSEA

"If the fact that I misplaced my shoes only about three minutes after arriving at Camp Cecil was any indication, the next few days of glamping in Mexico were going to be just about as relaxing as it gets."

Camp Cecil de la Isla included in Prior World’s tented camp round up

"Here, there are no roads, no bridges, no permanent human population. You come to this still-wild strip of Baja Californian coastline to fully unplug."

Islands provides in-depth coverage of a stay at Camp Cecil de la Isla on Espiritu Santo

"Snorkel with sea lions, spy babisuris, and sleep in luxury under the stars at this sustainable and seasonal camp in Baja California Sur."

Camp Cecil de la Sierra featured in “A Love Letter to Travel” in the Calgary Herald.

"I think about Camp Cecil de la Sierra...Here you can climb up the surrounding hills and gaze across to both the Pacific Ocean and the Sea of Cortes. You can meet Chito, one of the Baja’s last “vaqueros”, and see what ranching life looks like in the middle of the desert."

Los Colibris, Camp Cecil and TOSEA in Baja Pitstops Along the Way

"Our personal favorite up above the ocean is the rustic luxury Los Colibris Casitas at the end of a dirt road with sprawling views of the land and sea. "

Outside’s “9 Unforgettable Ocean Adventures to Plan Now” – Go By Sea Kayak

Explore the many ways you can discover the bountiful beauty of Baja - with focus on Isla Espiritu Santo in the Sea of Cortez.

TOSEA is the winner of Sunset Magazine’s Travel Star Best of the West award!

"Naturalist guides take you kayaking around bird colonies, SUPing over translucent waves, bouldering up sculpted arroyos, and swimming with sea lion pups."

Camp Cecil and TOSEA featured in “Where We Are Dreaming of Traveling in 2021”

"There are no hotels—only camping is allowed—but Todos Santos Eco Adventures offers a fully solar-powered luxury camp experience on the island, private-chef included."

Todos Santos Eco Adventures featured in the London Times

"There is no turning back now. We have been abandoned on a desert island off the coast of Mexico that has no running water, no electricity . . . “NO WIFI?!” exclaims my teenage son, appalled — he can cope with almost any other hardship."

Whale Watching from your balcony at Los Colibris Casitas

Fodor's highlights Whale Watching from your balcony at Los Colibris Casitas with TOSEA

Camp Cecil and the Sea of Cortez Featured in the Calgary Herald

"The Sea of Cortez: Life Abounds Above and Below the Surface"

Camp Cecil No. 1 on Mr. Hudson’s list of the 10 best places to go glamping!

"Opt for one of eight safari-style tents, all kitted out with beds and furnishings on a stunning deserted beach location"

Camp Cecil featured in Forbes Mexico!

"Su espectacular ubicación natural en la Isla Espíritu Santo, Área Patrimonio de la Humanidad decretada por la UNESCO, certifica por qué es uno de los mejores sitios en el mundo par admirar la vida marina."

The Vancouver Sun celebrates the adventures offered by TOSEA far from the madding crowds of Los Cabos

"As we near the rocky outcrops that make up Los Islotes, an islet in the Gulf of California, a colony of California sea lions comes into view."

TOSEA and Camp Cecil Featured in Coastal Living

Life-Changing Vacation: A Girls’ Trip Awakens One Sister’s Love for the Sea

Spotlight on TOSEA’s Migratory Glamping and Kayaking Adventure

Paddling from beach to beach offers unsurpassed access to the most beautiful parts of the Sea of Cortez.

Los Colibris and Camp Cecil Featured in Outside Magazine

Top of the list for "6 Places to Escape Winter"

Camp Cecil Named Baja’s Best New Getaway

"This tent was more like a fantasy about beach camping you never even knew you had."

TOSEA No. 1 on Well and Good’s List of Buzziest Destinations in the World Right Now!

Known for superior whale watching (but) describing it as “watching” doesn’t do the experience justice—it’s more like connecting and communing.

TOSEA’s Whale Watching Trip Featured in The Dallas Morning News

"The logs were really a mother gray whale and her baby — about 20 feet long and probably a month old, guessed my guide, Mauricio Duran Ramirez of Todos Santos Eco Adventures. The 45-foot-long mother kept a salad-plate-sized eye on her baby and the excited visitors while she and the curious calf nosed over to a raft. The calf poked its head out of the water and seemed to beg for petting, like a big, wet, dinosaur-headed puppy."

TOSEA Featured in Vagabond, the Leading Swedish Travel Magazine

"– Jag älskar mötet mellan hav, berg och öken. Det är särskilt dramatiskt på den här kuststräckan, säger Bernardo, där vi vandrar i eftermiddagshettan mot den öde stranden San Pedro."

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