Some encouraging news from Mexican tourism officials! Travel + Leisure’s Atlas Industry Review reveals that the number of international tourists traveling to Mexico by air increased an incredible 35% in June, followed by a further remarkable increase of 28% in July. reports that  Mexican tourism in 2010 is on track to return to its 2008 levels. Mexico had 22.6 million visitors in 2008 who spent $13.2 billion. The amount spent by tourists in 2009 dropped by $2 billion, but Alfonso Sumano, regional director of the Americas for the Mexican Tourist Board, says Mexico expects to see the number of visitors and their expenditures return to 2008 levels this year.

And don’t forget that Baja California Sur remains the safest state in Mexico – it’s homicide rate is exactly the same as that of the United States as a whole: just 4 per 100,000 people.  And in contrast to specific US cities it is vastly safer: according to the FBI the homicide rate in Chicago is 16 per 100,000, in St. Louis it is 40.3 per 100,000, in Hartford, CT it is 26.6 per 100,000, while in Los Angeles and New York the rate is 6 per 100,000.

So come enjoy the beauty, the beaches, the food, the people and the culture of  Baja California Sur. All of our friends and neighbors in Todos Santos – chefs, artists, surfers, potters, photographers, kayakers, bikers, snorkelers, yoga practitioners, community volunteers and adventurers – welcome you to visit our home town, a true Mexican oasis, our pueblo magico. Bienvenidos!