As most of you know, the name of our home town – Todos Santos – means “All Saints”. Most of you also know that Todos Santos has been designated as one of 36 Pueblo Magicos, or Magic Villages in Mexico. So what is it that draws all these spiritual, mystical and magical designations to the place? Well of course there is the incredible juxtaposition of the desert and ocean, the inspiring rise of the Sierra de la Laguna Mountains, the lush fields of strawberries, chiles, palms and mango trees, that wondrous air quality of a true desert oasis. All of these make Todos Santos a truly amazing place.

But more than that it is most likely the people who are drawn to these elements that really give the town its most magical, ethereal qualities. In years past we had the builders and traders like Tobasco Wang who built the Hotel California, Antonio Cota who built the hacienda that became the Todos Santos Inn, Don Pepe Santana who owned a sugar mill and lived in the building that is now the Cafe Santa Fe, and Ramon Wong, who built two stores and a cantina in town and married the daughter of a revolutionary hero. All these people came to Todos Santos to pursue their dreams and revel in the natural beauty.

Today the Saints of  Todos Santos are both descendents of the town’s early settlers, and those who’ve followed since the artist Charles Stewart moved to Todos Santos in the early 1980s. Todos Santos is now home to a vast array of talented Mexicans and expatriots who enrich the town with their skills as chefs, artists, farmers, fishermen, photographers, craftsmen, writers, poets, surfers, architects, naturalists, teachers, environmentalists, storekeepers, adventurers, massage therapists, spiritual leaders, yoga practitioners…and more! We’ll be creating profiles of some of these “saints” of Todos Santos – those who help give the town its most special qualities – and whom you’d be most likely to meet on one of your adventures with us. Stay tuned to meet the Saints of Todos Santos!