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Kayaking Isla Espiritu Santo: A Migratory Glamping Adventure


The Luxury of Nature 
Kayaking and Glamping at Isla Espiritu Santo

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Welcome to Camp Colossus,  a migratory glamping and kayaking adventure on Isla Espiritu Santo! Camp Colossus was created for those who want the joy of kayaking from beach to beach in a wild, pristine environment, matched with the comforts of walk-in tents, chef-prepared meals, and full panga support. 


During this 6-day, 5-night trip, we'll kayak the length of Isla Espiritu Santo, making camp at 3 beautiful beaches along the way. In addition to kayaking our adventures will include swimming with playful sea lions puppies, snorkeling beautiful reefs, hiking the volcanic trails of the island, bird watching (there's Blue-footed Boobies!) and taking in the stars and Milky Way at night. The bliss that is being in Baja! 

Camp Colossus features large, walk-in tents that have comfortable cots with sleeping bags, chairs inside and out, bedside tables with lamps, storage areas and towels.  There is a dining area where the camp chefs serve terrific food throughout the day, starting with cold breakfast and coffee, followed by hot breakfast, lunch, happy hour and dinner. A compost toilet cabaña completes the camp. 

Please check out the complete 6 day/5 night itinerary here