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November 17, 2016
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Whale Watching in Magdalena Bay


Two Days, One Night, A Lifetime of Magical Memories

Things that often happen to us during our two-day/one-night trip in Magdalena Bay:
  • Gray whale mothers bring their babies right up to the boat to say hello
  • Gray whale babies present themselves for a good rub or a pat
  • Gray whale males sidle along the boat and spout water on us – they clearly   think it´s very funny
  • Gray whale couples roll languidly by, completely ignoring us as they enjoy some Baja romance
  • Gray whales of all types bring their huge heads out of the water and look us straight in the eye
And that´s just to give you an idea! The connections possible with our fellow mammals in the lagoons of Magdalena Bay are absolutely joyous and should be at the top of any bucket list you may be creating. And the whole area is wonderful: Magdalena Bay is the largest wetlands ecosystem on the west coast of Baja and one of the most important in North America. In fact, the World Wildlife Fund ranks it as one of the most important coastal habitats in Mexico. Magdalena Bay also has mangrove forests, barrier beaches and sand dune islands, all of which contribute to the incredible scenery and biological diversity of the area.

Price for Overnight Trips to Magdalena Bay: 

  • 2 people: $635/person
  • 4 people: $445/person
  • 6 people: $375/person

Magdalena Bay Trip Price includes:

  • Roundtrip transportation Todos Santos/Magdalena Bay (4.5 hours)
  • 6 hours of whale watching: 3 hours the first afternoon and 3 hours the following morning
  • Lunch and dinner on first day, breakfast and lunch on second day
  • Hotel accommodations in San Carlos
  • Bilingual guide/driver