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Surfing Santeños: Dany Torres Lepine

Photo by Jocelyn Mathe for the Journal del Pacifico article, Surfing Santeños

When you head out to the surf breaks of Todos Santos you don’t see many people who can trace their ancestry back through five generations of Todos Santeños, but 23-year old Dany Torres can. While many Mexican residents of Todos Santos prefer to leave the water well enough alone, Dany’s grandfather used to go body surfing at La Poza (please don’t try this at home!) and his father met his Canadian mother while working as a dive instructor in Cabo.  It’s a family that clearly loves the water, but it was an American who gave him his first surf board at the age of 12 and, like his surfing American neighbors, it completely changed his life.  Now a budding architect in Todos Santos with several projects underway, Dany says “Surfing defines my days. I surf early in the morning during the week because of work commitments, but on the weekend I’ll often surf all day long.” As a dual Mexican-Canadian citizen he has plenty of options for places to launch his career. But for Dany, there’s no place like home. “I’ve surfed all over mainland Mexico, California and Canada and I really love surfing at home the best. Not only are the waves great, but there is no territoriality. I’m actually one of the youngest surfers around which is great because the older surfers are very laid back and really happy to share the waves. That relaxed atmosphere just adds to the magic of this place.”

This profile is part of our article, Surfing Santeños,  published in the Summer 2012 issue of Janice Kinne’s Journal del Pacifico.

Chasing the Wave: Mario’s Guide to Surfing the Cape

Mario’s guide to surfing the cape is part of our article, Surfing Santeños, published in the Summer 2012 issue of Janice Kinne’s Journal del Pacifico.

Las Palmas (San Pedrito)
Drive 5 km south from Todos Santos on Highway 19. Look for the Campo Experimental building on your left, and turn off the highway onto one of the dirt roads that winds toward the beach. Las Palmas is a beautiful beach with a lot of palm trees, and has a fast, heavy beach break.
Best for: Intermediate to advanced surfers

San Pedrito
South of Las Palmas you will find San Pedrito. Also known as Pescadero Beach, it’s about 8 km south of Todos Santos. It’s a point break with a rocky bottom and breaks best with a north swell.                                                                                                        • Best for: Advanced surfers

Los Cerritos
This is one of the best beaches in Mexico for learning to surf. Los Cerritos is a beach break with a sandy bottom and has one of the most consistent waves in Baja. It is also one of the few swimmable beaches in the area. From Todos Santos, look for the Cerritos signs at km 66. Lodging and restaurants are located nearby.
• Best for: Beginner to advanced surfers

La Curva
La Curva, also known as KM 93, has a long, right point break that only breaks with north swells and mostly in the winter. Watch for three large rocks you can only see at low tide.
Best for: Intermediate to advanced surfers

Five minutes from Cabo San Lucas on the way to San Jose del Cabo, this is a left point break that is best with a south swell, although it also breaks with north swells. Take the road to Misiones Hotel and park on the road. Be aware of sea urchins at low tides.
• Best for: Advanced surfers

Old Man’s
Also known as Acapulquito, this is one of three close breaks on the Costa Azul Beach. It is east of the Palmilla sign, on the right below the view point off the highway to San Jose del Cabo. It breaks with a south swell and there is a long, right point break, especially good for long boards. The waves are mushy and easy to read. Watch for rocks at low tide. Surf lessons and rentals are available here, and many restaurants are located nearby.
• Best for: Beginner to intermediate surfers

The Rock
Another break that needs a south swell, The Rock is located on the Costa Azul Beach, east of Old Man’s. It is named for the rocks that are visible from the viewpoint. It is a long, right point break, a little faster than Old Man’s.
• Best for: Intermediate to advanced surfers

Last of the three Costa Azul breaks, Zippers is a shorter, faster, right point break. This break is popular with the locals who may seem a little territorial. Only breaks with a south swell.
Best for: Advanced surfers

Shipwrecks offers a fast, right point break. Be aware of rocks. It is located on the East Cape. To get there travel past downtown San Jose del Cabo on the bridge over the estuary then drive approximately 20 minutes east.
• Best for: Advanced surfers

Nine Palms
Drive another 20 minutes east of Shipwrecks, and look for the palms at the little rancho, where you may find donkeys and cows resting in the shade. This is a mushy, long point break, good for long boards.
Best for: Beginner surfers